Volunteering may be a great way of helping others but it’ll do you the world of good too.

More than 24,000 people volunteer for the British Heart Foundation, a contribution of time that accounts for around £40m of our income every year. But their impact goes far beyond money. Without their support, BHF wouldn’t be able to do the life saving work that helps thousands of people living with heart conditions each year.

If you’re a volunteer – or thinking of becoming one – you’re probably motivated by wanting to help others, but the magical thing about volunteering is that it does wonders for you too.

BHF Eastleigh are looking for volunteer customer service staff.

Please visit the shop or telephone 02380 650156 find out more.

This a a rewarding volunteer position. Your help and support are appreciated.

Shifts available:

Monday 1pm – 5pm

Tuesday 2pm – 5pm

Wednesday 1pm – 5pm

Thursday, Friday or Saturday 10am – 2pm & 2pm – 5pm


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