Completely RetailProposal received to advertise the vacant businesses premises on a specialist site – via the Visit Eastleigh website.

Eastleigh TC currently have approximately 25 vacant premises. In order to promote them being let or sold quickly, and the associated benefits to the community, various avenues were researched. The most cost effective and efficient is proposed to be partnering with Completely Retail.

Completely Retail are a leading, specialist web-site to advertise commercial property.

They specialise in creating Town centre property pages to promote commercial property available in various BIDs and town centres.

Completely Retail can advertise entire town centres or districts under a single brand. A town centre property page provides national and local occupiers with detailed information on all available units, all major local retail and leisure schemes, tips and advice from property experts and useful local contacts. Everything local businesses need to open a shop in their local town.

Guildford BID currently use their services: Experience Guildford Property Available Page

There is promotion and navigation to the above page on their home page – potential new purchasers / tenants are then directed to their branded page within the Completely Retail website.

Completely Retail Guildford

Cost: £125.00 pm (reduced from standard rate of £160.00 pm)

  • based on having no more than 100 units (in total) throughout your BID district.

What’s included: Set-up and on-going support – 12 month contract

They would create and manage the full property portal for Eastleigh, including all the content and set up. As well as liaise with our local agents to ensure their property listings are up to date.

Additional details supplied:

Supported by most of the major commercial property companies, Completely Retail (CR) provides the UK’s retail property industry with a comprehensive directory of shopping centres and retail parks and 50% more vacant shops than any other portal. We’ve just launched a campaign to list EVERY openly marketed in the UK, an estimated 45,000 shops.

CR now has the ability to market the properties in town centres under one brand, like we do for shopping centres.

It’s essentially a property portal for the town centre aimed mainly at local start-ups. There are details on every available shop within a defined town centre area and shown on a map, useful information about opening a shop from local property experts and a wealth of other links and information.

All the available shops are searchable from the main CR portal that currently receives 1.5 million visits every year, with 25% of traffic from regular industry users including 1000s of retailers that look for new shops every week.

The costs of the service is fixed and the CR team will work with you to set up the page and keep things up to date. is currently the market leader for Retail property listings and will soon be the only dedicated free-to-view database of every major retail & leisure scheme across the UK.

CR have recently formed a partnership with LDC (The Local Data Company) who are in the process of travelling across the UK and surveying all towns and villages, so that this information can then be fed into the database (this will mean that the website will list 90% of all openly marketed property across the UK in the next couple of months)

CR currently holds more individual property listings than any other database (CR >9,000 and 1000’s more being added each month due to LDC partnership), SP/Realla currently have <7,400, Rightmove and Zoopla have <6,000)

CR currently receives on c.125,000 visits per month (1.5m per year)

The BID portals we’ve been discussing have recently been put forward to the Highstreet Task Force as a best practise case study.

Sponsored schemes (BID Portals) typically receive 10x more engagement, due to the prioritised searches and the increased content contributes to SEO.

Overview: Very professional, specialist company and Guildford BID would recommend using them. They won’t reduce the monthly cost any more.

08/04 – Have requested to speak to Beatrice @ EBC – Opening High Streets Safely – as the service would be beneficial for other empty premises in the Borough and not just Eastleigh TC. If they are interested in a Partnership then the monthly cost could be shared.

09/04 – Meeting with Beatrice arranged – Beatrice will discuss with Camilla & Emily to see if a joint venture would be of interest.