The council has recently opened a new 150 space long stay car park in Dutton Lane.

The car park is for long stay permit holders only and is opened Mon-Fri (6am to 8pm) and Saturday (6am to 6pm). All other periods the car park is locked.

A permit can have two vehicle registration details to give greater flexibility (particular useful if the household has two cars) although only one vehicle can use the permit at a time.

The permit is also ideal for part time employees who work set days a week as the permit can also be issued for specific days of the week such as Monday Wednesday and Friday .

The charges below show how much it costs depending on the specific days and the length of the permit required.

Therefore for example if an employee works say Monday and Friday per week, the cost to park  for a 13 week permit would be £110  which breaks down to only  £4.23  to park each day.

The application, details of the permit and how  payment  can be made online are shown on the link below

Scale of Charges

……….  13 weeks     26 weeks       52 weeks

6 days        £330            £660                £1320

5 days       £275             £550                £1100

4 days       £220             £440                 £880

3 days       £165             £330                 £660

2 days       £110             £220                 £440

1 day        £55                £110                 £220


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