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What is Man Gang?

Simply put, the Man Gang is a group of men who have struggled or are struggling with anything associated with poor mental health or just feeling burdened by the pressures of life.

How does it help?

The Man Gang was founded by a man who used to think he had to put on a mask, the he was the only one feeling this way, that he couldn’t talk about what troubled him for fear of loss.

Through talking and being open with others, he discovered that he wasn’t alone and that a lot of men felt this way.

As men we often consider that talking about our mental health is a sign of weakness. When in fact, it is something that is recommended as an important source of therapy.

Who can attend?

The only prerequisite for joining the meeting is being a man.

What will I get out of it?

Support, brotherhood and camaraderie. Both at weekly meetings and via a closed Facebook group.

Is this medical treatment?

None of us are professionals, but we all have lived experience, we are not offering cures or therapy, just mutual support through dark times and that all important hope. We aim to bridge the gap between deciding that you need to see a health professional and your access to the support which may be offered.

How much is it?

It’s free, gratis, nil, zilch, just turn up and join in.

Will I be expected to do anything?

Just turn up, if you want to sit in the corner and listen, that’s fine, if you want to turn cartwheels up the floor and tell everyone how you feel, that’s also fine.

Will you tell anyone about me?

Absolutely not. What we talk about at Man Gang will not be shared with anyone who is not present at that meeting.

How can I sign up?

Just turn up, if you want more information or a confidential chat – email:

Connect with us on Social Media – @ManGangUK





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