Kindly supplied by Claire Stratton, Town Centre Ranger

PLEASE report any ASB – Antisocial Behaviour, shoplifting – or any other crimes committed – however small.

We kindly ask that any business owners, managers, visitors and residents report any ASB, shoplifting or any other crimes committed against your businesses, personnel or anything that you see.

However small you may feel they are or that it’s just ‘not worth it’ we kindly ask that you do! It is a very simple process to report any crimes, you can report via DISC, call 101 or visit to report online:

  • Things to consider – Is it an emergency?

Does it feel like the situation could get heated or violent very soon? Is someone in immediate danger? Do you need support right away? If so, please call 999 now. If not, call 101 or use the online form. It’s very simple and REALLY helps.

From aggressive, noisy or abusive behaviour to disturbances involving drugs or animals, antisocial behaviour takes many forms.

If you’ve witnessed antisocial behaviour, please report it to Hampshire Constabulary.

Reports are dealt with by the control room in exactly the same way whether you report it online or call 101.

In order to maintain police presence in the town centre, accurate figures on crime rates and incidents are needed. This will help not just your business but all local businesses, residents and visitors.

The Town Centre Rangers – Claire, Rachel and Wayne can assist you with reporting any incidents if you are unsure of the best course of action to take. Please email or call 023 8061 1100.

We really appreciate your help – by working together we can make a difference.

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