Kerry’s Family Fundraiser Day

Eastleigh Subway are holding a fundraiser day on January 5th at Northam Social Club and are looking for donations or prizes for a raffle/auction on the day.

The story behind this fundraiser is heartbreaking…

Kerry is a 32 year old wife & mum of two girls, aged 4 and 9. She was diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer called Osteosarcoma. When she was diagnosed it was in her thighs so she was started on a course of treatment to try and battle the disease. Unfortunately the treatment hasn’t worked and the cancer is now in her pelvis, lungs and livers too.

The doctors have said there is no more that can be done and she has been given 6 months to live.

The family have not yet told the children as they want to make as many memories with the girls as possible before trying to explain that Mummy must go to heaven.

Kerry’s Husband has had to give up work to take care of Kerry and the girls, so financially things are hard, that’s where we all come in…

We want to raise enough money for them all to have 1 last holiday as a family, to build as many memories as they can with each other.

There is a Just Giving page set up under the name Julie Kissane (who is Kerry’s Mum).

Please help Eastleigh Subway help this poor family in their sad time.

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