Location: The Point

This 2-day event is intended as a springboard for practitioners to come together to discuss aerial techniques, performance and pedagogy and will include lectures, practical sessions and round table discussions.

Speakers will again include Serenity Forchion Smith and Gary Carter alongside James Wellington, (Perform Health – circus physio specialist) and many other inspiring practitioners from the world of aerial plus sports/dance science medicine professionals. There’ll be both practical sessions, round table discussions, video presentations and lectures e.g. ‘applying periodisation to aerial practice’, ‘hyper mobility and its implications’ plus we’ll be hearing from Amelia Cavallo about her experience as a blind professional aerialist and asking what do we mean when we talk about making aerial skills accessible.

Hosted by Gravity & Levity in partnership with One Dance UK and The Point, this symposium is particularly aimed at experienced aerial performers, teachers, choreographers and directors and aims to generate ideas, provide practical tools and fuel food for thought towards the development of best practice.


Feedback from last years event:

‘I found the weekend well-organised, open and friendly, and excitedly I was able to make connections to my own practice from all the speakers’ presentations.’

‘I found the speakers really inspirational and their sessions are already having a direct impact on my aerial training, my acupuncture and massage practice, and on my own research. The space was lovely and I found the atmosphere incredibly pleasant with both speakers and practitioners really seeming to appreciate one another’s diverse experiences.’

‘…such an inspirational weekend.  I have come away blathering on about neuro science to anyone who will listen and am fuelled with a new sense of purpose which I had been wobbling with in recent months.’

‘What a wonderful weekend, I’ve come away feeling really energised and full of information –  such a great mix of speakers on different topics. ‘Already looking forward to next one’