Location: Eastleigh Library,1st Floor Swan Centre
Starts: 10.00 am
Ends: 10.30 am
Tickets: FREE - No ticket required. Just come along.

Fun with languages

A free fortnightly club for young children – suitable for under 5’s.

Learn through songs, nursery rhymes, games and stories.

Fun with Languages is a free fortnightly club where young children (from babies to age 5) and their parents/carers can learn other languages through songs, nursery rhymes, games and stories.

The club runs 6 sessions of each language – French, German and Spanish in rotation throughout the year. It takes place in the Children’s area at Eastleigh Library and after each session you have the opportunity to do some colouring, choose some French/German/Spanish children’s books and receive your stickers on your loyalty and achievement cards. You can join us by just dropping in on the day!
Did you know? At 6 months of age, babies can babble about 70 sounds, these sounds make up all the languages in the world, they discard the sounds that they do not need from then onwards based on the languages spoken by the adults around them.
So come along and join us and start your child on their road to multilingualism!

Further details visit: EastleighLibraryFacebook