Location: The Sorting Office
Starts: 10am
Ends: 4.30pm

Learn traditional forging techniques to create a beautiful wide bangle, with or without spinners, or a gorgeous spinner ring – it’s your choice!

Two projects will be taught along side each other during this workshop – Beautiful Curving Bangles and Spinner Rings. Both pieces of jewellery start out using the same techniques, and you will be able to choose which project you would like to make. 8 places are available across the two projects.

Spinner rings are delightful pieces of jewellery to make and to wear. The edges of the base ring are flared to capture the narrower satellite ring (or rings if you prefer!) that spin freely. The rings can be textured with a variety of hammers and decorative punches, the edges of the main ring filed into waves or left straight and the silver can be given an antiqued finish or left bright and polished – so many variations that everyone in the class can make their own unique piece of jewellery.

Anticlastic bangles are fascinating pieces of jewellery to make, using traditional forging techniques to create beautifully curves. The forging encourages the silver to curve back on itself, adding strength as well as beauty, and allowing you to create wide bangles from relatively thin gauge sheet metal.

This workshop is suitable for beginners to jewellery making as it teaches many of the basic skills needed for more advanced skills, however those with previous experience will also find their skills tested and improved by the end of the session. We will also discuss tools, equipment, materials and health and safety considerations.

Workshop fee £75, cost of silver payable on the day (approximately £9 for a ring, £30 for a bangle)