Help homelessness in Eastleigh – Do you know or have you seen someone who may need assistance from the Eastleigh Borough Council Housing team?

The housing team aim to raise awareness of ‘prevention and accommodation services’ available and to promote a new online form for residents and businesses to use to alert the Council to anyone who may be homeless and need their help.

For the Housing team at Eastleigh Borough Council, one homeless person is too many.

Do you know what homelessness looks like?

Anyone can become homeless and through no fault of their own. It can be a family, a young person, a single adult, all have help available. You don’t have to be sleeping rough to be homeless: sofa surfing is a form of hidden homelessness whereby friends and family offer a sofa or spare bed/space in their house as a temporary measure. As such, the reasons and personal needs of each person in need of their help are complex and no one approach suits all.

Even if you don’t directly see someone you are concerned about, but there’s evidence that someone may have been sleeping rough, or there’s someone you are worried about that needs the housing team’s assistance – please complete the support form HERE.

The more the Housing Team are aware of the more they can use their resources in the best way to help. By providing food and spare change you are helping vulnerable people stay on the streets longer.

The housing team cannot force assistance on someone who is homeless, but they can ensure to keep in touch regularly to offer a variety support.

If there’s someone you know who is at risk of becoming homelessness, please share the Homelessness advice page with them. There are many things to try, and advice to help prevent the loss of a home.

The Housing team may be the first port of call and who manage the process, but there’s a much wider network of organisations who form the help available:

Housing team alerted: By street pastors, Eastleigh BID, Councillors, Housing Associations, EBC staff, the police and many other organisations; together with the help of local residents and the business community.

If you have seen any rough sleeping local to your business or residence, please visit and complete the online form to alert the EBC Housing team.

The best way you can help is by letting Eastleigh Borough Council’s housing team know.

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