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Kindly supplied by Claire Stratton. Eastleigh Town Centre Ranger.

Please be aware that there are unfortunately professional beggars currently operating in the area. They are usually sited about 4 times a week in Eastleigh. The same people have also been seen in Winchester.

The reports are of a young man and a woman from Romania who usually position themselves in Market Street to beg for money.

The couple have been seen getting dropped off in a car and are thought not to actually be homeless as they claim.

They have also been seen disposing of food donated to them at the end of the day and just keeping any money that they have received.

The Police have been informed but your help would be appreciated.

We are trying to find out the registration number of the car that they are dropped off in.

This would help the Police further in their enquiries and to put a stop to this unlawful activity in our town centre.

If you do have any details that could help, please contact – Your help is appreciated. Thank you.

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