Kindly supplied by Town Centre Ranger – Claire Stratton

Unfortunately we have seen an increase recently in the number of homeless people around Eastleigh.

As Town Centre Rangers, we aren’t qualified to deal with homeless people and helping with their situations directly. Fortunately professional help can be found locally at the wonderful charitable organisation, Two Saints who are based at 109a Leigh Road. We are also working closely with Eastleigh Borough Council to provide further valuable information and assistance to these vulnerable people.

Myself and the other Rangers, Rachel and Wayne would like to inform local residents and visitors that in any interactions that we have had with the homeless of the area, we have found them to be harmless and cause no threat.

If you do have any questions or concerns regarding the homeless of Eastleigh please do inform any of the rangers if you see them on patrol or email: and we will be very happy to help.

As Town Centre Rangers we don’t have the resources or qualifications to directly source housing for the homeless but we can assist and support the qualified professionals that specialise in this area.

For contact details and further information on Two Saints please visit:


or for Homeless advice from Eastleigh Borough Council visit:

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