Eastleigh Shopmobility loans powered or manual wheelchairs and scooters out to people with mobility difficulties, to enable them to do their own shopping independently, or to use other town centre facilities within the catchment area of the scheme.

How much does it cost?


Electric scooters – £2.50 per half day
Electric wheelchairs – £2.50 per half day
Manual wheelchairs – £2.50 per day


Electric scooters -£6.50 per day
Electric wheelchairs – £6.50 per day
Manual wheelchairs – £6.50 per day

Extended hire

Manual wheelchairs are available for extended hire to members at a cost of £1.50 per day or to non-members at a cost of £3.25 per day. A deposit of £25 is required and the hire fee must be paid in advance.

Membership fee- £10.00 per annum

For all information please visit their website

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